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Our Process

Your Partner Every Step of The Way

Step 1 - The "Reality" Budget

The purpose of a Reality Budget is to provide proper budget planning guidance for the project. It is not a formal quote or estimate, but rather a feasibility check of the budget goals based on the project description, lot conditions, scope assumptions, and typical finishes or pricing. The more you can tell us about your 'vision' of the final product and the more facts we can gather, the more reliable the Reality Budget will likely be.

Step 2 - The Design

The purpose of this phase is to formalize and refine all the details of your project. Depending on the needs of your project, this may include floor plan & elevation drawings, site plans, cabinetry layouts & budgets, plumbing, electrical, lighting, floor coverings, tile, exterior siding & finishes, windows, doors, etc. With this information, we can set proper budgets, scope, and allowances to bring your "dream" space to life. During this process we will work with you to explore everything there is to know about your project and to provide product education including the pros, cons, and costs of various options so that you can make the best project decisions for your budget & lifestyle.

Step 3 - The "Construction" Budget & Scope Proposal

Based on the outcome of the design phase, we will further formalize and refine the details of your project. This may include additional site visit(s) to finalize and quantify the facts necessary to verify, and properly account for, all budgets, scope, and allowances. At this stage, we will review the Construction Budget & Scope Proposal with you, address all questions, and finalize any last-minute details (additions or reductions) in order to move forward with contract preparation.

Step 4 - The Full Scope & Contract Package

We have arrived at the contract stage! The Full Scope & Contract Package is a summary of all the final budget, scope, and allowance decisions for your review, consideration, and signature. This package will include details on the construction of the home, scope of work, required building deposits, payment draw schedules and criteria, project timeline, warranty details, etc. If using a lender, this package is what your lender refers to as a "builder package" and is what the appraiser will need to do a proper appraisal of the "to be" result of the new construction or remodeling project.

Step 5 - The Project Begins

Your project will have an assigned superintendent responsible for the day-to-day jobsite details & progress. The superintendent is supported by a team of people including sub-contractors, vendors, employees, and office staff to handle not only the work required, but also customer selections, ordering, scheduling, accounting, etc. This team approach ensures everyone is working efficiently and effectively on your project. Throughout the lifecycle of a job, we are dedicated to maintaining an open line of communication on final selections, change orders and their impact to budgets (if any) to avoid any miscommunications.

Step 6 - The Final Walkthrough & Customer Orientation

At the completion of the project, the Superintendent will perform a Final Walkthrough & Customer Orientation meeting. At this meeting, the Superintendent will review the work completed, answer any questions the customer may have, review the warranty process, and note any final "punch list items or touchups" that may be required.

Step 7 - The Warranty

We appreciate the trust each and every one of our customers places in our hands. Your home is a valuable asset and we don't take our responsibility as YOUR CONTRACTOR lightly. As such, we provide a one-year warranty on all of our work. Additionally, the materials used on your job may have their own manufacturer's warranty. We are always available to answer your questions or put you in contact with the right people to resolve a warranty item. Your project superintendent will advise you how to submit any warranty requests through our convenient online system, so they are organized, tracked and resolved with the least possible disruption to your schedule or lifestyle.

Step 8 - Beyond the Project

We take pride in the work & service we provide to our customers ... THANK YOU for trusting us! If you have a question or concern, call us.